All Stages Photography | FAQs

What does the fee include?

Most photographers charge by the hour or project.  My fees include the travel time, photography time, and time in the office to download, edit (crop, color correct, enhance, etc...) each image.  I also set up your own private viewing/proofing gallery, online, so you can see and choose your images.  Although photography time may be 15 minutes to many hours, you can count on about triple that time in the office working with the images.  I do my best to keep my prices as low as possible - as a mom who always wanted pictures of my kids and family, I want to be affordable for you to have pictures done multiple times per year - to capture each moment!


Should I tip my photographer?

As a rule, tips are completely optional and are never expected.  Photography services, like other services, are often included in the "you 'should' tip" category of life.  That being said, that best "tip" you can give me is the referral of your friends and family as well as a favorable review on my Facebook page.


How long does it take to get my images?

I know how anxious you are to see your pictures - I always am when I have my family pictures taken.  I try my best to turn them around in 5-7 days.  During the holiday season, it can be very busy but it will never take more than 3 weeks.  If you want them in 5 days, you can pay for "rush delivery service".  For $50, your images will be ready for you to view/download in 3 days or less.


How are my pictures/images delivered to me?

You'll receive an email from me with a link and password to view your images in a private on-line gallery.  There you will see all the edited images and choose the images you'd like for your package.  You also have the option to purchase additional images if you just can't choose a few.  If you are looking for prints, there is an option to order prints from the site.  If you are looking for other options, I am happy to offer suggestions.


Where is the best place to take pictures?

There are many beautiful places in the Metro area for photos... here are some of my favorites:


What is your in-home studio like?
Basement under construction and BRAND NEW STUDIO BEING BUILT NOW!  ETA:  November 2016

My family built a new home in 2013, right up against the hog backs of C470 between Belleview and Quincy.  Our garden level basement, with insulation, concrete flooring, and rough-in plumbing, has become the catch all and active play area (in the winter) for our 3 children.  I have staked out my space there and have my studio set up.  It's the perfect corner for my backdrops and still lights.  Having the kids play area on the other side of the basement helps entertain siblings for those newborn shoots, in case you need to bring them with you.

The basement is nothing fancy but it definitely does the trick.  :)

I have the standard white and black backgrounds plus many others of various colors and patterns.  I have a few outfits for newborns and props for various ages.  First birthday smash cakes are so fun - using a plain white sheet, we just throw away the mess when we are done!

What should we wear?

It is recommended that you wear coordinating and/or complimentary colors.  There is no need (unless you want to) to match your tops and bottoms.  Try to avoid a variety of busy patterns, keep from wearing strips, plaid, and polka dots.  Solid colors closest to the face keep the focus on what's important, the face!  Most importantly, be comfortable!