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Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. If you’ve ended up on this page, I’ve probably stopped you on the streets of London or Essex and handed you one of my exclusive  ‘You’ve been spotted’ cards.  This is a special and secret page on my website - you'll notice it's not on the home page, you had to be invited here. 

As a professional child and family photographer, I am constantly working hard to build a portfolio of child and family portrait photography that reflects my style. Often times, I will look for people with a ‘certain’ look to be my model for themed sessions or to test out a new photographic idea or technique.

I am usually looking for a very specific look for my test photo shoots so if I’ve handed you this card then it means you or your child have that special look that I like. You are one in a million and I would love to photograph you.

I am not looking for professional models so don’t worry if you’ve never modelled before or never even considered modelling.  I am looking for real people with striking features and that ‘it’ factor. If your child is usually shy, don’t worry about that either. My child photo shoots are fun for kids and I usually interact with children and get downright silly to bring even the most timid child out of his or her shell.

As long as you’re willing to give your time and be in front of my camera, we can work together to create a collection of beautiful and timeless portrait photography.

There is absolutely no charge to participate in the portrait session; the session will be complimentary and my session fee will be waived. You do not pay me to participate and I do not pay you. It’s an exchange of sorts – you give your time for the photo shoot and in return for your time, you will receive a free photo shoot and three (3) high resolution digital files, with a print release, from the shoot for your private home use.

You’re under no obligation to take me up on my offer but if you do, you will be expected to sign a portrait contract and a model release to participate. Images from the photo shoot will be used for my portfolio and general marketing.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio to see my work and my photography style. If you’re interested and want to go ahead and book your complimentary session, drop me an email:

But hurry, this offer is time-limited and will not be available forever. I look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You handed me a card for my son and I was wondering if my daughter can be in the shoot too?
Unfortunately no, the shoot is limited to those who have received a ‘You’ve been spotted’ card from me.


Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?
Yes, of course you can. I would recommend no more than two people to accompany you to the photo shoot. Parents will need to accompany their minor children to the shoot.


I am not a model and I’m a little nervous about being photographed
Don’t be. I will work hard to make you or your child feel comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera so that I can capture you at your best, naturally. I will have toys, bubbles, and occasional Skittle (with parental approval), and just be silly to bring out your personality and character.


What will I get out of this?
You get a free photo shoot and the chance to choose three (3) images to receive in high resolution digital format so you can print in any size you want and display around your home.


What will you get out of this?
I get to develop and build my portfolio and test out new ideas by photographing lovely people who fit the criteria I am looking for.


How long does the session last ?
Photo sessions are usually 20 - 45 minutes long, depending on the technique, location, age of child, etc...  With younger ones, they usually dictate our time frame based on their tolerance and mood.


What should I wear?
When we book your session I will discuss the theme of the session and help you prepare for the shoot.  You will not be expected to purchase anything for the session.


Where will the shoot take place?
Depending on the portfolio/technique/staging need, the shoot will take place at All Stages Photography's in-home studio or at an outdoor location of my choice usually in Golden, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, or Centennial/Parker.


Do I need to sign anything?
You will be expected to sign a portrait contract and a model release to take part.